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Well my sweet little love birds, #engagement season is upon us! He liked it, so he put a ring on it.

You go girl! #rockthatinnerbeyonce I thought it was only fitting since we have so many new #brides in town and because I know you girls love to know all the juicy details (don't deny it!), I'm sharing why my engagement was a wreck......literally.

Let me go back just a little bit. We first met in 8th grade science class circa 2001. In Andy's own words he thought I was "really cute" with my short hair and glasses. I tried to scrounge up a photo for you guys with no luck, but if I can find one of me in my #nerdydays, I'll be sure to post it. #noshame.

We went on our first "date" in the 9th grade. AKA: my mom drove us to the movies. Yes, he did sneak a kiss (or two). #sorrydad #thanksfortheridemom

Even back then, I guess we knew in our hearts we were somehow always meant to be, because I kept that movie stub and we both kept notes we would write one another and pass along in between classes. But, as it unfolded and how we mutually decided in the 9th grade it wasn't "good timing" is something I laugh about now, but clearly we know now that if we continued dating, we wouldn't be together today. #Godstiming

We both moved on and did our high school thing. I always gave him the cold shoulder or picked on him when I saw him in the hallways. Everyone loved Andy. Somehow his #jncojeans or red velour SouthPole outfit, skater shoes and bright smile everyday kept drawing me in and I, along with everyone else, loved Andy, too.

Flash forward to 2007. We both went off to school and between mess ups, break ups and growing up....we reconnected back home. I was a flight attendant and he worked on cars. Our second "first" date was his invite for me to join him for Panera. Y'all I was upset. #diva. I thought this was a DATE! To me, #Panera isn't an evening date with your potential husband...this is a soup stop with girlfriends. (I'm not doggin' on the You Pick 2 though.#yougetme)

I remember coming home that night and my mom anxiously asking me, "how did it go?". I was SO disappointed! I thought our salad date at Panera for over 2 hours would make my heart pitter patter, but it just didn't. Needless to say, it didn't last long because we didn't stop talking everyday thereafter and quickly became that annoying "couple" who posted mushy #facebook posts (still do) and called each other 35x a day to just "say hi" and said I LOVE YOU after 2 weeks. #thatwasfast

I don't know about you girls, but I was a Miss Independent, don't play any games type gal. #stillhavemymoments Andy got talking about this crotch rocket aka a motorcycle. Well, my philosophy was... if you have money to buy a bike, you have money to buy a ring! #okurrr We talked about marriage after 8 months of dating and we're now 2 years in and I'm tired of waiting!

We did however go look at rings and I picked my favorite and little did I know, he had secured said ring and I was just the crazy girlfriend who asked him about it everyday. Little did I also know, that the more I asked him about it, the LONGER HE MADE ME WAIT FOR IT. This is torture. So girls, my advice to you is...stop asking! It will come! God knows we don't have the patience to wait any longer that we have to.

On December 28th, 2009, I was just getting off work and got a call from Andy's Dad. His first words to me were to the tune of "Don't freak out." #cuefreakout "Andy has been in a motorcycle accident and I'm coming to pick you up." Between my screams and tears, I drove my #vwbug home as quick as a could and Jimmy drove me to the hospital.

Little did I know, less than an hour before the accident Andy and my Dad met for lunch for him to ask for my hand in marriage and he just happened to ride his bike there.

ANDY SAYS: "I was accelerating; shifting from first to second gear. As I got into second gear, I hit a patch of rock salt from the snow that had recently cleared and I lost traction of the front tire. The front tire slid to the right and the whole bike tipped and I fell to the left. When I fell, I smashed my wrist between my body and the road and tumbled down the asphalt. I wasn't going much more than 40mph."

It was a whirlwind of a few days. We got through the thick of it enough to get Andy's reconstructive wrist surgery scheduled (to include 2 plates and 12 screws) and him as stable as possible.

It was New Years Eve a couple days later and he was posted up with his arm elevated in this block of foam that looked like a big piece of cheese. Not only was his wrist in pieces, but his ankle was hurting, too... so he was a cheesy, hobbling mess. #stillcutethough

As the ball was dropping during #dicksrockineve, he told me to close my eyes and hobbled away and somehow back. When he told me to open, the ring we picked out months before was sitting in my hand just as I had chosen. Cue more screams and tears...this time for a happy reason! Of course I said yes! I was SO surprised, because I thought for sure our engagement would be months later, as getting Andy back to 100% was the focus. Our engagement wasn't (technically) a wreck, but the accident put life into perspective for the both of us. Andy says " I could have died. And I didn't want to miss an opportunity to marry you and have a life together."

We were legally married in October 2010 and had our "wedding"/celebration in May 2011. We are 12 years together and 2 kids later....we wouldn't do life with anyone else. #meanttobe #loveyoualways #thebestisyettocome

Love You, Babe! XO


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