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Now, I'm no #Oprah, but I can throw down a pretty fun list of my favorite things to give (or receive) this holiday season. Basically, for me, that could literally be anything... because let's be honest...who doesn't like to receive gifts?

But, also like me, you may be stuck on what to get your fab friend this holiday season,

so here are a few of my faves!

ANY. BUXOM. LIP. is my favorite (specifically "Dolly"), but I'm obsessed with their holiday lip sets!

This year's version is focused around the "party girl". Although these days, I am doing more room-mom kinda parties, versus a dance-all-night kinda party...but I can still be cool....and I can still wear whatever lip color I want. #imnotaregularmom #imacoolmom

Nonetheless, these 8 adorable lip plumpers and 4 staple lip liners will be the perfect pop to any makeup look!

I'm positive that if you follow or watch me on facebook or instagram you've heard me talk about SEXAPEEL.

This is an instant exfoliation spray made not only for the face, but for your ENTIRE body! It gently and instantly removes dry and dead skin!

I use this product on my clients and personally and we're all OBSESSED with it! It gives me baby-butt, glowing skin! #yeshoney #skinisin

Although it may seem like an unconventional gift, I PROMISE you , she will LOVE it!

State Fair of Virginia
photo // Lindsey Martin Photography

You have NO IDEA how many clients, followers, friends alike ask me about this sweater!

When I first laid my eyes on it over on Very Jane (my favorite site)...I knew she had to be mine...and I would HAVE to rock it for my #statefairofvirginia photoshoot !

They don't have it on that particular site anymore, but you know Amazon always comes through....and she'll be at your doorstep in 24-48 hours. #primeisacrime

If you know a lady who lives life in full color, like ME, she NEEDS this sweater. I can promise you EVERYONE will ask her where she got it!

see original rainbow sweater post >> click HERE.

I'm weird and absolutely look forward to ordering a minimum of 5 new Bath & Body Works hand soaps every season.

In the summer, I'm "flip-flopping fabulous flamingo floral flowers" scent and then we roll right into "fall into feathers apple autumn picking prickly pear" scent.

The names are never-ending and so are the scents and I cannot seem to stop buying them. #superbmarketing

Am I the only one who feels super extra when I have B&BW soap on my counter?

I know you agree..which is why these little pumps of delight are on my favorites list. #girlwashyourhands

The truth is all of my earrings are from completely random stores and are all so inexpensive, they're near free...and I can't get enough.

I would rather have 40 pairs of $9 earrings than one expensive pair. #agirlneedschoices

I love popping into H&M, because not only do they have some adorable clothes, but a wall of jewelry. #yesplease

They always have great tassel earrings in a variety of colors and range typically from $9-$12. A great pair of earrings are always a favorite and a perfect stocking stuffer!

Last, but certainly not least, if you're still stumped on what to get your favorite gal-pal...I would LOVE to pamper her with a makeup session or spray tan!

An E-GIFT CARD is an easy way to say "you're on the nice list, girlfriend!" and fab way for her to get pampered here at the holidays!

As a special THANK YOU for supporting my business, use code: THANKYOU5 to take $5 off any gift card purchase now through Christmas!

Love you all!


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