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First of all, what was I going to wear?! This is me every. single. photoshoot.

Basically if we plan a shoot, it's planned around my outfit. I know that sounds awful, but," if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Y'all would be so proud. This time, I focused on planning outfits for my babies and hubs & mama pulled last years dress right on out of the closet. I did buy 4 different things before I searched and landed on a dress in my own closet, but none-the-less, it's small victories, people. #workwithmehere

Lindsey Martin Photography

Secondly, If you have little ones, the thought of possibly enduring a session where your child is:

- crying

- eating their boogers

- refusing to look at the camera

- their underwear is up their hiney

- shoe is untied

- they need a snack

……..the list goes on my friends.


Not only did they smile, follow direction oh-so-well and looked SUPER adorable doing it....they actually LOVED each other. You guys! They were actually perfect and we totally have photos to show for it. They still picked their nose though. #reallife

Shout to Lindsey and Sam of Lindsey Martin Photography for being so amazing with the kids!

The weather was one of the nicest fall days in Virginia that we'd had so far and the sunset was perfect. Libby Hill definitely serves as a photog favorite and I saw quite a few of my photographer friends working while we were out there. I'll never miss a moment to socialize with my girls. HA

Andy and I were able to sneak in a few moments for us also. These are actually some of my very favorites, because when you're parents. you don't get to always focus on just one another....These pictures remind me that without Andy and me...there would be no 'us'....and I just love him and our life so much. #sappy

Clearly, I'm seriously obsessed with them all and want to share them ALL (but gotta save some exclusives for our yearly Christmas card!) I'm SO thankful that we have these photos as a little capsule of who we are today and can look back over the years to see how much the kids have grown... and I will just be over here praying that hopefully Andy and I will still look the same. hahaha ---We can pray about anything right?!

PS: It's always a great idea to get GLAM before a photo session.

I'd LOVE to be your go-to glam gal. XO, Cam

Lindsey Martin Photography


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