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THE BREAKUP: makeup I'll NEVER repurchase

You gals have no idea how much makeup was purchased by me in 2018 I may or may not have 27 makeup palettes in my at-home bathroom as we speak...this doesn't include what's in my kit or at my studio. #confessions But listen, in order for me to be able to give you my professional opinion on what works and what doesn't, I have to try it! Right?! Unfortunately, I haven't tried it ALL, but until then I'll just keep learning and sharing what I know and love.....or in this case, what I don't love!

I'm breaking down 10 makeup products that I will NEVER repurchase and why I just don't like them. Keep reading each caption, so you know what I would recommend in it's place! XO


NOT REPURCHASING: Urban Decay Naked 2 (or 3!) Eyeshadow Palette

Too many chunky shimmer shades and not enough matte + transition shades! Too many shimmers means these aren't great palettes for all ages, but also if you're trying to create a clean + complete eye look, you may have trouble.. Plus at a whopping $54, it seems like you're only paying for the name.

TRY THIS: LORAC PRO PALETTE (it also includes an eyeshadow primer!) + it's $10 less than the UD! - $44


Nothing to see here, folks. I am so underwhelmed by this product. I have purchased not one, but TWO tubes of this mascara. I didn't want to give up on it, but I don't get the hype. It glides over my lashes, rather than clinging and giving me volume. It also flakes and falls onto my face during the day. No, thanks.


NOT REPURCHASING: Loreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

This stuff is heavy! This product most definitely has coverage, but it comes at a cost...and I don't mean money! I never want to feel like I have cakey makeup or could scrape a product off my face...but this does that to me! Never repurchasing!

NEVER REPURCHASING: Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer

Despite it's raving reviews on, this concealer doesn't get one from me. The shade for me is horribly wrong and turns orange-- especially when set with powder. It also emphasizes any fine lines under my eyes and smells so strong of chemicals. So that's a hard pass for me.

*side note: I also am OBSESSED with the Tarte Shape Tape concealer...BUT I found that isn't a comparable recommendation to the Laura Mercier. I think the Estee Lauder is closer in consistency and wearability for a medium concealer. Tarte Shape tape is full coverage.

NOT REPURCHASING: NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray.

Again, nothing to write home about. I get the price tag...coming in at only $4.99, I totally get why this is an easy purchase. BUT, I would rather spend a little more and have something that REALLY does the trick...and this isn't quite dewy enough for me.

TRY THIS: PIXI GLOW MIST -- found at Target and they offer original + rose scented - $15

NOT REPURCHASING: Benefit Porefessional Radiant Pearl Primer

Let me start with this...I LOVE Benefit Porefessional primer. I use it in my professional kit and at home! But this new addition, with a "pearl" finish, looks exactly like the original...just in a cute pink package. If you have pores and texture, which is the purpose of this primer, you wouldn't want an added "pearl" sheen to the pores anyways.

TRY THIS: BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL PRIMER-- the original! I'm such a fan and it smells amazing! -- $32


This is basically like trying to rub a piece of paper on your face. It's not only powdery, but once you dip your brush in, it just flakes around everywhere and has absolutely no color payoff whatsoever. This is $4 for a reason. Don't waste your money on a product that doesn't work

NEVER REPURCHASING: Becca Hydramist Set & Refresh powder

Once I saw reviews on how this little jar of powder feels on the skin, I knew I had to see what the hype was about also. Once it touches the skin, it feels wet and cold, but it's actually dry. So dry, in fact, that my under eyes looked like an alligator. I tried and tried with this, but despite it being an Allure Best of Beauty winner, it didn't win in my book.


It's not that I truly banned this product from existence, but it is one that I truly just won't repurchase. It bleeds on me especially, but I also think for the price tag, this is another one of those that I could really live without.

TRY THIS: WET 'N WILD FELT TIP LINER (in black or brown) -- $4.39

NOT REPURCHASING: Sephora Play! Box Monthly Subscription

I was subscribed to the Sephora Play! Box for over six months. You received a little canvas bag, six samples and a sample fragrance. I never wanted the skincare (Sonia Roselli lover, here!) and they repeated a lot of what they were sending. Regardless of this being only $10/mo, it didn't excite me and a lot of the little products went unused.

TRY THIS: Boxycharm Monthly Subscription -- $21/mo -- 4-5 FULL-SIZED

products each month!


I hope as you're shopping along for your coveted makeup go-to's, you'll consider this list! If you have absolutely NO idea why you have what's in your makeup bag or how to use it, you need my help! Let's schedule a 1-on-1 or group Glam School session and I'll teach you everything you need to know!


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